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What to Do in Washington, D.C. This Winter

With fresh cultural exhibits and a rising culinary scene, here’s what I’m excited to do in DC this winter.


Un Petit Paris at Washington, D.C.’s Le Diplomate

Washington, D.C. might not seem like the likeliest location for a taste of Paris. Yet after all, the city’s grid is the fingerprint of L’Enfant. On one of these alphabet streets (précisément Q and 14th) you’ll find the most charmante brunch in town. I’m not a full-on Francophile, but I’m instantly delighted by our hostess’ navy shift dress, flats, and jaunty red scarf. Realizing this is indeed the front of house uniforme doesn’t even ruin it for me. Reservations are a must at this bustling café. Sipping a café au lait, I admire the heaps of crusty bread darting around the room in the hands of black-tied waiters. It’s been years since my last visit to France. Is this how Paris really felt or only how I want to remember it? I decide it doesn’t matter and order a French 75 and a Romarin cocktail (vodka, St. Germain, rosemary, & grapefruit) in the spirit of joiee de vivre. We pull our gaze from the antique mirrors and lace curtains adorning the dining room to focus on the gorgeous menu. From the …

Félix Candela’s Shells at the Art Museum of the Americas

A small museum has many virtues. Free of an overwhelming collection, the viewer can enjoy exhibits with ease taking the time to absorb each object label. Rather than cramming a visit with “must-see” pieces, I find smaller museums often afford the most memorable and surprising experiences. Washington, D.C.’s Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) is one such space. Established in 1976, the AMA primarily features Latin American and Caribbean artists who “creatively combine aesthetics with topical social and political issues.” AMA’s collection has grown from 250 to nearly 2,000 pieces in a variety of media since its founding. I was fortunate to visit the AMA on the last day of Candela’s Shells: The Reinforced Concrete Shells of Spanish-Mexican Architect Félix Candela. The other galleries were closed, giving me the necessary focus to process Candela’s hyperbolic parabloids. His whimsical shell-like structures land somewhere between elegant, naturally occurring shapes and imports from outer space. He was not the first to experiment with such structures, but Candela pushed the form to achieve unprecedented concrete results in the 1950’s …

Guest Blog – Whirlwind tour of NYC, DC/Chi goes Urban Explorer

So for those of you who regularly read this blog, you know that our very own Urban Explorer just went to NYC and shared her observations (and great style choices I must add). Why then would she be once again posting about the Big Apple, does she have no new content or adventures to share? Of course not! Instead, in efforts to revive two fellow blogger’s posting efforts, she has given us (Jess and Erika of DC/Chi Life) the opportunity to guest blog about our own urban adventures. So here for your reading pleasure is our 26 hour tour de NYC. After taking the DC2NYC bus (without movie as only we were the only passengers interested in watching Eat Pray Love, unspiritual co-bus takers..) we arrived in the Big Apple (Jess’s second tour, Erika’s first). After locking away our precious belongings in a shady alley building promising to be a luggage storage center the city lay before us. What did we decide to do first? Shopping of course. We expertly traversed the subway lines (thanks …