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Philadelphia Becomes First World Heritage City in the U.S.

It must actually be sunny in Philadelphia, because it was just given a designation that no other U.S. city claims. Last month, Philly was named the first World Heritage City in the United States by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). So is this World Heritage as in UNESCO? Not quite. OWHC is a separate international non-profit organization of 266 cities. Yet, to become a World Heritage City a city must first be recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage List and adhere to OWHC values. OWHC’s goals include: helping cities protect cultural and natural heritage, encouraging collaboration among historic cities, promoting research and civic management, and public awareness. Philadelphia campaigned for this honor for two years, and city leaders hope this will promote its international stature and tourism. “As a World Heritage City, Philadelphia is being officially recognized on the global stage for its wealth of contributions to the world as the epicenter of American democracy and for its enduring commitment to preserving the unique historical and cultural assets in our diverse community,” said …