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New Cleveland Metroparks Podcast Invites You Outside

A new podcast promotes exploration of the Cleveland Metroparks.


Riders on the Storm: Goliath

Merry Christmas from Cleveland! Two and a half hours of hold music. I think Southwest does it on purpose so frustrated travelers have a chance to cool down. It worked for me. By the time a real person answered he was surprised that I calmly requested a refund for my cancelled flight rather demand he change the weather. I don’t usually fly from Chicago to Cleveland, I drive six hours or brave the Megabus for longer. Yet the promise of an efficient one-hour trip and free drink tickets lured me in for Christmas travel. It was only drizzling in Ohio, but winter storm Goliath was pummeling Chicago’s airports with a violent ice-hail combination. Travelers all over the country were stranded or worse. Still, I found it outrageous that I had no flight options for nearly three days. I had to get back to work. Even more frustrating was the lack of someone to speak with for guidance. My hold time kept getting pushed back. I was seething with hopelessness. Credit: Nate Mueller Fortunately, my dad saved …


At the Museum: Muhammad Shah’s Royal Persian Tent

For those whose concept of camping means food on a stick and a hard ground pillow, today’s luxurious outdoor excursions boasting banquets and hired help are a far cry. Yet the Cleveland Museum of Art is currently featuring a 19th century exhibit that gives contemporary glamping a run for its money. Muhammad Shah’s Royal Persian Tent, running now through June 26, 2016, transports visitors of the Arlene M. and Arthur S. Holden Textile Gallery to the Iranian royal court. The gallery features an embroidered round tent made for Muhammad Shah, who ruled Iran from 1834-48 during the Qajar dynasty. The dazzling piece was one of many tents owned by the Islamic court, where they were not only considered shelter but symbols of enormous wealth and power. Luxurious tents were pitched for imperial ceremonies, military campaigns, travel, and as gifts. The tent exudes a royal air on display with its richly hued panels illuminated against a shadowy gallery. The tent’s seven (of the original fourteen) plain red cotton exterior panels and complete ceiling beckon visitors inside …


Monday Inspiration – Frank Gehry

Here’s my first effort in reviving a series of travel-inspired photos and quotes designed to spark your imagination on Mondays. Designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2002, Cleveland’s Peter B. Lewis Building is home to Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. I typically glimpse this sculptural structure from the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Glass Gallery, but I recently explored it up close (curved brick facade and all). Gehry has compared the sloping walls to frozen custard, and on my mid-blizzard visit it was definitely cool. This quote comes from Sydney Pollack’s 2006 documentary, Sketches of Frank Gehry. It’s an interesting look into Gehry’s progression and design process. I didn’t know that Pollack was a friend of Gehry’s, and the scenes of two masters just hanging out are among the most delightful. In the film, Gehry is referencing the constraining “goddamn rules” of taste in his profession and this is juxtaposed with the story of his divisive Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Who doesn’t need a reminder now and then that we all have a right …

Come Together at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland has a new public square. Not the city’s downtown plaza, flanked by the three tallest buildings in its modest skyline. Five miles to the east of that Public Square, the Cleveland Museum of Art is transforming into a city center. The museum recently completed a historic expansion that is billed as the largest cultural project in Ohio’s history.¹ The expanded Cleveland Museum of Art balances old and new aesthetics with the magnificent Ames Family Atrium at its heart. Founded as a trust in 1913, the museum sits in University Circle’s Wade Park and holds over 45,000 works. The neighborhood boasts cultural capital including the Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Music, Museum of Contemporary Art, Case Western University and other institutions. The original Beaux-Arts structure was built of luminous white marble in the neoclassical style in 1916. Subsequent expansions including a Brutalist 1971 wing by Marcel Breuer and additions in 1958 and 1983, resulted in a confused interior layout. The museum’s most …

Support Cleveland’s West Side Market Fire Relief

What’s the story on your plate? It’s a question more people have been asking in recent years as interest and awareness in exactly what they’re eating and where it came from has grown. In Cleveland, the West Side Market has provided a key connection between patrons and product for over 100 years. That living tradition has been threatened by damage sustained in a fire at the market on January 30.

Love Letters to Cleveland

“Would you ever move back to Cleveland?” I’m asked this fairly often by people wearing a half-smirk, half-scoff. Confusion and distrust appear as I always answer, “Absolutely.” It isn’t always easy to convey the considerable merits of my much-maligned hometown to an outsider; but no matter, we’re not out to convert the masses. Yet, Cleveland native and Iron Chef, Michael Symon’s recently published Love Letter to Cleveland so ardently articulates the feeling so many of us have for the city, I’m moved to share it here.

Cleveland Summer 2012 Events Guide

What is there to do in Cleveland? I hear this question all the time, and the answer is you don’t have to look too far. Growing up in Cleveland, my parents whisked us to every festival, performance, historic site, powwow, and breathtaking view around – I owe them for my love of exploration. Summer is an especially vibrant time in Northeastern Ohio, and some would argue it begins the first shorts-wearing day when the lake-effect temps climb above 40°. To kick off an excellent C-town summer, I teamed up with my friend Tracy, an incredible Cleveland-based photographer, to highlight your must-dos in the coming months. Check out our suggestions, featuring photography by Tracy, and have a fantastic summer Cleveland! Cleveland Indians Ranked first place in the American League Central Division, it’s time to pay a visit to the Jake and see your Indians in action.  We recommend taking in the Tribe on a Dollar Dog Night for the quintessential ballpark experience. After all, What If?     Hessler Street Fair: May 19-20 With drum circles, poetry readings, and all of the “eclectic” art and …