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Montreal Mini-Adventure


I imagined Montreal as a quirky, Canadian winter capital. It is. However, on my first visit I learned that the city is also vibrating with global culture and active in every season.

Montreal is home to many noteworthy sites, from the historic streets of Old Town to the ’76 Olympic stadium, and I visited many of them. Yet my favorite spots came from local recommendations provided by friends, Spade and Palacio Tours, and Tourisme Montreal.


So when my globetrotting, bootyclappin’ friends at RAD AND HUNGRY asked me to create a guide to one day in Montreal I knew I wanted to base it outside of downtown and around the heart of the city, Mount Royal.

Below is a condensed version of my Montreal Mini-Adventure. For the full version explaining why Montreal bagels are better than New York’s (seriously) and where to find the best beers in town visit RAD AND HUNGRY.

You can follow along with this Google Map.


Montreal Mini-Adventure

1. Breakfast at Beauty’s Luncheonette – Build your own Bloody Mary at the originator of Montreal brunch.


2. Play at Mount Royal Park – Enjoy this forest within the city and especially the view from the top.


3. Get A Taste of Quebec at Jean-Talon Market  – Savor the international fare and Quebec specialties. Don’t miss the creamy unpasteurized cheese.


4. Drink at Dieu du Ciel! – If one of the 20 Best Beers in the World isn’t for you, don’t worry they’ve got playful flavors for all palates.


Read the full version of Montreal Mini-Adventure for RAD AND HUNGRY.


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